Left Wing Survivalists Episode 2: Apple Butter & Suicide

For #worldmentalhealthday I thought I’d do a podcast. This has advice on how to dry plums, make apple butter, glean fruit & vegetables…and also a discussion of suicide. *shrugs* Here you go.

Left Wing Survivalists: Is War or Revolution Coming?

That’s the big question for a lot of us, though most people roll their eyes when we bring it up.

Our so-called presideLeft-wingsurvivalistsnt is starting bitch fights on Twitter with a nuclear power. Nazis are marching in the streets. They’re making a show about the young Sheldon Cooper. If these aren’t harbingers of the apocalypse, then I don’t know what.

So, I’m starting a podcast. This is my contribution. Here’s episode one.

Yeah, but what do you expect me to do? Save the world?

I’m a survivalist. I build my own shelter, grow my own food, and write my own novels about intersex aliens. I’ve got it all figured out. Now, you can learn from the expert.

Basically, I’ll be talking about tiny house homesteading, writing, neurodiversity, and politics.IMG_2873

This podcast is of very poor audio quality. I know this. I KNOW, OKAY? I’m learning. I’m lucky if I do one thing right every day.

Pictures of my house are forthcoming.