I’m really excited about the release of my second novel The Hustle, which is the first book in The Other Place Series and releases on May 31, 2016. To celebrate, I’m running a giveaway. The Grand Prize is a signed paperback copy of The Hustle and a $10 Amazon gift card (one Grand Prize will be given). Second Prize is a Kindle copy of The Hustle. A summary of The Hustle, as well as its sequel The Other Place and of Love or Money can be found here on my webpage, if you want to see if the books are your cup of tea.

Here’s how to enter (also see purchase-free option at the end of this post):

Before the release date of The Hustle (5/31/16), read and leave a review for my first novel, Love or Money on either Amazon or Goodreads (or both!). Then, comment on this blog with a link to the review and your email (if you don’t want to publicly post your email, you can give it to me privately at elizabethroderick [at] att [dot] net). Your email will only be used to contact you if you win. You will not be put on any marketing lists, etc. If you’ve already left a review, you can still enter by sending me the link! And your review doesn’t even need to be a positive one…I’ll just be glad you’re willing to give my second book a chance, even though you weren’t into my first 🙂

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY LOVE OR MONEY or otherwise do not wish to do so, YOU CAN STILL ENTER. Just follow this blog, like my Facebook author page, and follow me on Twitter. Then send me an email at elizabethroderick [at] att [dot] net with your email address for the entry. No explanation necessary about why you can’t/don’t want to buy a copy of my book, but you can if you need someone to vent to 🙂 I don’t have enough money to buy a spare copy of my own book at this point, so I’m a ready ear for those sorts of problems. ALSO, IF YOU ARE MY 1,000th TWITTER FOLLOWER, YOU’LL GET A FREE KINDLE COPY OF LOVE OR MONEY ANYWAY. I’m pretty darn close to 1,000!


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Review Tour Signup for The Hustle

Hello, lovely people! The first installment of The Other Place Series, entitled The Hustle releases on 5/31/16, and I’m looking for folks that want to participate in my review tour. It’s a new adult contemporary novel, with lesbian romance, crime thriller, and magical realism elements. The tour signup is HERE. Thank you for your support!

Interview With Rebecca Barber

Hello, all! Rebecca Barber is embarking on a blog tour, promoting her new romantic suspense novel, Nobody Knows. I had the pleasure of interviewing her!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My life is pretty mundane and boring but hectic at the same time (if that is at all possible?) I am an accountant by day and work really long hours and then come home to my extremely forgiving husband Rob and our fur baby Levi.

I’m one of 4 kids to my teacher parents and we moved around a bit when we were kids so I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many different things over the years – country life, city living and even living on the beach!

These days, after work I write, read and spend six months of the year in a heated debate with my husband over which of our beloved Australian Rules Football team is better.

Q: How did Nobody Knows came about? How did you get the idea to write it?

Nobody Knows is one of those books which sort of just appeared from nowhere and wrote itself. Most of the time I felt like a passenger really. I had a couple of friends going through some hard times (although nothing like what is in the book) and their stories inspired me to write a character we could all hate. At the time, everyone seemed to think characters like Christian Grey – with his charisma, wealth, sex appeal – could do no wrong, I wanted to write someone who had all of this, but wasn’t Prince Charming in the end.

Q: Did you do any research for this novel?

Q: How long did it take you to write Nobody Knows? Could you tell us a bit about your writing process—whether you have a writing schedule and how you manage to get it done?

Nobody Knows too about 4 months to write in total to get the first draft done. After that I needed to step back and walk away. I think I sat on it and did absolutely nothing with it for about another six months while I recovered from what I’d written really. Even today, re-reading some of the words I wrote scares me about how dark it is.

Unfortunately I don’t have a writing schedule, although I wish I did, I just try and fit it in when I can around other things like life, but since writing is basically my stress relief, when I need to, I find the time 🙂

Q: Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I usually have a basic plot in my head, but when the characters start getting involved they take on a life of their own and I just hang on for the ride.

Q: What is your editing process?

The only way I can edit is to print it off and draw all over it. If I can’t I can’t see it. So I print a copy of and write in all the changes before re-typing them back in. After that it goes to a few trusted people for their feedback and opinions. Then more changes. Then the publishers.

Q: You have four books out now, correct? Tell us about your publishing journey.

My publishing journey has been a whirlwind. Nobody Knows is the third published book and the fourth is set with a June release date – six months ago I didn’t have a publishing contract! One wet Saturday afternoon I’d just finished reading a brilliant book by another author and I looked who her publisher was, she wrote similar stuff to me, I Googled her publisher, they were accepting submissions so before I had a chance to chicken out or change my mind, I hit submit. Now here I am.

I’ve learnt a lot and met a stack of wonderful helpful people along the way, and I’m still learning every day.

Q: Are there any marketing tips or wisdom you can give us?

Ask for help – there are people and groups out there who want to help you. In the beginning I was embarrassed to ask for help and I made quite a few mistakes and my book sales suffered as result. But the sooner you can understand and accept that the people in this community genuinely want to help you and want to see you succeed, the better you will be. Not only that, you will make some more amazing friends along the way, no matter where you live – I mean I’m in Australia and some of the best people I talk to on a regular basis are in the UK and US.

Q: What else are you working on? Should we expect any more of your books in the near future?

Book 3 in the “Swimming Upstream” series, “On Dry Land” will be released on June 14 2016 which is the final to that series and then I have just signed another contract for another series of 3 books.

The first of which “Coming Home” will probably be published late 2016 and focuses on a small country town an the relationships which inevitably grow when you’ve known someone all your life.

Thank you, Rebecca! Nobody Knows is available on Amazon!

Nobody Knows by Rebecca Barber – Blog Tour and Release

Gillian Dempsey must find a reason to go on…

Easier said than done after a rare virus robs her of both parents. Left alone and confused, the mourning nineteen-year-old flees to her three best friends, who receive her with open arms.

Her parents give her more than an inheritance—they give her a second chance at life…

When Gillian is left with some properties in her parents’ will, she assigns them to a real estate agent to manage. Joel Matthews takes the job, but he quickly becomes more than a business associate. After a string of fortunate coincidences, Gillian and Joel spend a passionate night together—after which Joel all but vanishes from her life.

But they still have unfinished business, and Gillian won’t allow him to slip away—especially with her heart.

Life is a roller coaster of tragedy and joy…

Gillian reels him in, and soon the two are married. Gillian’s heart expands even more when they receive the news of their first pregnancy. But after the baby is born, things aren’t the same. Joel becomes distant…resentful. And then the abuse begins. Darkness consumes their marriage—only to get worse.

While Gillian tries to hold her family together, it seems Joel is doing everything to tear them apart. But just one slip of his temper makes all the difference, because this time, there’s no turning back.

Maybe being abused can be endured, as long as Nobody Knows…until someone ends up dead.

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The scowl on his leathery face should have been enough warning to shut me up, but tonight I wasn’t in the mood to back down. I was ready for a fight. Whatever he dished out would come back at him twofold. He came through the door, ripping it almost off its hinges and letting it slam behind him. He took one look at me, sitting on the lounge quietly watching television and sipping my coffee, and rolled his eyes in disgust. I didn’t say a word. This was the game we played these days. After more than a decade of marriage, this is all we had left.

“What’s for dinner?” he snarled, his eyes filled with hatred and disgust. I just shrugged apathetically. What was I supposed to say? ‘Hi honey, how was your day? You look tired. Why don’t I just whip you up a nice, juicy T-bone steak and fresh steamed veggies?’ The truth was, I would probably be having home-brand crackers with what was left of the vegemite.

“Not sure. We don’t have much,” I admitted, instantly feeling ashamed.

I hated the fact that he could make me cower like that. Once upon a time, in another lifetime far away from this one, I felt different. I felt worthwhile and even happy. We were happy at one point, weren’t we? Somewhere along the line, I must have loved him. Otherwise I wouldn’t have married him. I can’t be that stupid, can I?

“For God’s sake, didn’t you even bother to do the shopping?” he snarled from the kitchen.

I heard him muttering to himself as he shuffled the near-empty boxes about in the pantry. Much as I hate to admit it, the profanity spraying from his lips was mighty impressive.

Stomping back into the lounge, he planted himself deliberately in front of the television, hands on his hips and a scowl on his face. Knowing what was coming, I was glad the kids were out with their godmother Heidi tonight. That was the only positive in this nightmare.

“For fuck’s sake, Gillian. I give you money. What the fucking hell do you spend it on?” he demanded, tiny bits of spittle flying from his mouth.

We had danced around this confrontation for weeks now. The tension was escalating, as was the hatred buried inside me. I don’t remember the last time that I had actually had a full night’s sleep. These days, I was too angry to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow, all I could do was imagine all the things that I wanted to do and say to him, but was too afraid to.

My life had somehow crumpled into a pathetic mess, and most of the time I hated myself for it. I was furious, and the more I saw of him, the more he continued to be the heartless barbaric bastard he had become, the worse things got, and the more I despised myself.

“Do you really want to know how fucking far your measly twenty bucks stretches these days?” I asked, keeping my face as blank as possible. He raised a quizzical eyebrow and folded his arms aggressively across his puffed out chest.

I took a deep breath, grabbed hold of the arms of my chair with both hands, and squeezed as hard as I could. When I looked down, my knuckles were white with the strain and I could hear myself grinding my teeth desperately, trying to control the rage inside me.

“Well?” he snapped, shifting his weight impatiently from one foot to another.

I exhaled heavily. “If you really want to know what happened to that twenty you gave me a week ago for food and to keep the house running, well, it bought a six-pack of home brand toilet paper, a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, vegemite, eggs, and a packet of tampons for your daughter!” I told him, ticking the items off my fingers as I announced them.

Rebecca, one of four kids to her parents who are both primary school teachers, was born in Wollongong on the south coast of Australia before moving to the country with her family. After a few years of embracing all that country life had to offer, the family relocated to Port Macquarie with its white sand beaches. After a brief period enjoying the sun and the surf they finally settled in Canberra where Rebecca still lives today. But all through her childhood a notepad and a book where never far away. These days Rebecca is an avid reader, and when she isn’t buried in a book or cheering on her beloved football team she’s spending time with her husband Robert and their overly spoilt dog Levi.

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Perfection is Just an Illusion 

(Swimming Upstream Series: Book One)

Amazon ~ FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Nobody’s Obligation 

(Swimming Upstream Series: Book Two)

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I wouldn’t typically spend much time advertising my book for free, but I’d love to get word about my book, and myself as an author, out there – especially since I have more books coming out soon (The Hustle on 5/31/16 and The Other Place on 7/5/16). So, please download the book for free – today only.

Love or Money is a crime thriller romance – sort of like an Elmore Leonard novel with a dash of bisexual (F/F and F/M) erotica. The author (*bows awkwardly*) has an insider’s view of prison and gang culture so, while it’s definitely not a true story, it has a heavy dash of realism that might strike you at gut level.

What do you have to lose? Download it – if you love it, then you’ll probably love The Hustle, so keep that in mind at the end of May when it comes out. Also, you can leave me a review!


Love or Money Goodreads Giveaway

Hello, beauties! I wanted to plug my Goodreads Giveaway for Love or Money. It’s happening right now, and you can enter by clicking the button below. I’m giving away two signed copies of the book, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should enter why not!

If you HAVE read it, you should go leave me a review on Amazon and Goodreads. The review can say the book stinks like dog butt, I don’t care – I guess I need to know these things. But if you’re still following my blog, I’m guessing you don’t think I or my writing stink too badly.

Reviews REALLY help. They’re a huge part of what builds an author’s career, and I know you want me to be able to make a living at this. I mean, look at my beautiful daughter, who needs things like food, electricity for her iPIMG_0178od, ironic t-shirts and piano lessons. Isn’t she cute?

Thank you!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Love or Money by Elizabeth Roderick

Love or Money

by Elizabeth Roderick

Giveaway ends March 22, 2016.

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On Marketing, and the Nexus of Dreams and Reality

Those of you who follow my personal story; or have beta read the Tales From Purgatory books, my upcoming Other Place series, or The Story of a Girl Named Mike; know that the way imagination/delusion intertwines with reality in order to make magic is the underlying theme in my life and work. It’s a subject that fascinates me endlessly and runs at the core of my understanding of the world. In The Deathly Hallows, when Dumbledore said, “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it isn’t real?” the phrase struck  at my heart, because I knew exactly what he meant.

I know the idea that “dreams can come true” and that there is a sort of force, strengthened by belief, that can bring about changes in the real world, isn’t one that is unique to me. My church believes that prayer can bring about change, and that there is another world – the “Kingdom of God” – that exists just outside of and intertwined with our own; that we can get there through the sacrifice of Jesus, and that this glorious world will someday overcome the physical world and bring about an everlasting peace.

For most people, this is an abstract concept that doesn’t play much in their day-to-day life and decisions, even amongst those who purport to live by God’s rules for getting to this place (said rules and their interpretations varying from person to person).

For me, on the other hand, though I wouldn’t describe my understanding of this concept in religious terms, it is a very real concept. Things that happen “in my head” seem to have a tangible effect on the outside world and on my life. In my worst moments (few and far between, thank goodness), I am driven to frank psychosis, thinking that this effect is more drastic and sometimes uncontrollable than I generally believe. I say this, even though part of me believes some of the things I’ve experienced during psychosis are actually real. And at any rate, I do believe the concept itself – the reality of this alternate reality, or the force of belief – is very real, though it is impossible, of course, to be without doubts.

When life gives me a particularly rough turn, the force of my belief begins to evaporate and I find myself in a cold, bitter and senseless place. This, I know, isn’t a function of whatever mental illness I’m supposed to suffer from: everyone feels like this sometimes. All those things we thought we had, the life we thought we’d built – it turns out, those things didn’t belong to us, and that happiness can be taken from us in an instant. But just because it’s ethereal, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real to begin with.

That cold, senseless place frightens the hell out of me  and makes me angry. The problem is, it seems like I have a harder time sheltering myself from it, building my castles in the sky, than most people. I think that’s because I’m not laying my foundations in the real world, trying to reach  my dreams: I’m building them in my dreams, and trying to reach the real world.

Since I was a girl, my a lot of my behavior and decisions haven’t made sense to people. At some point in my adulthood, I realized that’s because I’m operating on slightly different principles than most. At first I tried to fight with myself about it, because I felt there was something wrong with me, an opinion that was shared by others. Many of those who know me and love me tell me that I need to get a handle on myself, get treatment for my bipolar and PTSD and whatever other things my brain is supposedly sick with. They tell me I need to grow up and start living in the real world.

But that isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve come to terms with the fact that “wrong” is subjective, and that there’s no point in my feeling that there’s something broken with me, because it isn’t fixable in any case. There is no pill that cures me of who I am. There may be pills that make me sleep more than 4 hours a night; ones that stop me from believing my best friend is invading my brain and giving me his toothache out of spite; they may be able to medicate the past from coming back to haunt me in bright, immediate flashes of feeling, taste and smell that make me react to present situations with a little more drama than is necessary. But pills won’t solve the underlying problem with me, and even the treatments for the scarier parts of my “conditions” don’t come without high cost.

When I discovered writing, I thought I’d finally found something that made sense to me, something that might allow me to find my place in the world and be accepted for what I am, rather than what I “should” be, according to the rules of the real world. It was a way for me to weave together dreams and reality and create something that might shelter me from the driving rain and hungry wolves. But just recently my foundations have been crumbling again and the elements are beginning to seep in. I’d had help in maintaining that structure while I tried to build it, and that person is no longer interested in helping, for various reasons.

There is a measure of how much a person is accepted in the real world, how much they are able to “make things work” on their own terms: money. Money measures this phenomenon every bit as accurately as the scales of centigrade, Fahrenheit and Kelvin measure temperature. The scales themselves may be human constructs, but the phenomena themselves are not; and the forces that affect one’s ability to make it in this world are every bit as chaotic as those that affect atmospheric temperature.

The nexus point of my imaginary world and the real one is this: marketing. If I could market my books, my editing skills, and myself better, I might make money at it and be able to salvage my structure and survive. But I’m horrible at it. This blog post – which most of you have quit reading by now – is one example of it. People like to be entertained (and I get that – entertainment is a worthwhile pursuit that I’m wholly in favor of), but I’m trying to communicate with the world on a level that might be a little too real to be entertaining and professional. I’m sure talking about my marital problems and battles with psychosis isn’t inspiring many to hire me as an editor (even if I say that editing people’s stories is something I love, and it keeps me “sane”), or to buy my books.

The problem is, I’m still struggling to make sense of things, and find my place. And while I try to push my books and my editing skills in a professional way – try to captivate people with one-liners, inspire them, urge them to give me money and leave me reviews – it just feels like I’m grasping at threads…I’m trying to knit my world and theirs together, and I’m not counting the stitches correctly. Maybe I was wrong all along: maybe the two worlds will never fit together. Maybe I’m out in the cold again.

I wish I had a team, like Katniss had Cinna, Haymitch, and Plutarch, to transform me into a propo that resonates with the world. But, as much as we all are The Chosen One in our own stories, most of us just aren’t Mockingjay material.

I’m going to keep trying, though, because – like I said – it’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

So: buy my books, and hire me as an editor. Not as an act of charity, please, but because you believe that magic is real, and that perhaps we can share our magic and our worlds with one another.