Blog Tour: Timeless hope

A collection of Romantic and Inspirational short stories that will reach into your soul and deeply into your heart. Walk with the characters and see what they have to say.

Little Red Shoes…a young widowed mother who has an angel for a six year old daughter. Her father, who was killed in Iraq talks to her in her dreams and stays connected with her. A day comes when she sees an opportunity to do something good and she doesn’t pass it up.

A Fireside Request…a love story about an older man and woman who live in a retirement community. Both are alone and both are in love, but neither has had the courage to tell the other. Read what happens as love arrives again when you think you may be too old for it.

The Miracle…a touching story of hope and faith during a mans struggle with what life has thrown at him. He’s given an opportunity when he doesn’t even realize it. Does he make the right choice and what happens when he chooses. Take a moment and see what unfolds when a Higher Power steps in.

A Petal from a Rose…Can a dream really become a reality? When Steven dreams every single night of the woman he has always hoped for he thinks he is losing his mind. When she begins to leave him something on his pillow he’s almost convinced until something unimaginable happens.

Butterfly…a young woman struggles with pain and loss and lives within personal boundaries that hold her down. Can she overcome the pain, transform and find her true meaning in life?

Find Timeless Hope HERE.

Review Tour Signup for The Hustle

Hello, lovely people! The first installment of The Other Place Series, entitled The Hustle releases on 5/31/16, and I’m looking for folks that want to participate in my review tour. It’s a new adult contemporary novel, with lesbian romance, crime thriller, and magical realism elements. The tour signup is HERE. Thank you for your support!

Interview With Rebecca Barber

Hello, all! Rebecca Barber is embarking on a blog tour, promoting her new romantic suspense novel, Nobody Knows. I had the pleasure of interviewing her!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My life is pretty mundane and boring but hectic at the same time (if that is at all possible?) I am an accountant by day and work really long hours and then come home to my extremely forgiving husband Rob and our fur baby Levi.

I’m one of 4 kids to my teacher parents and we moved around a bit when we were kids so I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many different things over the years – country life, city living and even living on the beach!

These days, after work I write, read and spend six months of the year in a heated debate with my husband over which of our beloved Australian Rules Football team is better.

Q: How did Nobody Knows came about? How did you get the idea to write it?

Nobody Knows is one of those books which sort of just appeared from nowhere and wrote itself. Most of the time I felt like a passenger really. I had a couple of friends going through some hard times (although nothing like what is in the book) and their stories inspired me to write a character we could all hate. At the time, everyone seemed to think characters like Christian Grey – with his charisma, wealth, sex appeal – could do no wrong, I wanted to write someone who had all of this, but wasn’t Prince Charming in the end.

Q: Did you do any research for this novel?

Q: How long did it take you to write Nobody Knows? Could you tell us a bit about your writing process—whether you have a writing schedule and how you manage to get it done?

Nobody Knows too about 4 months to write in total to get the first draft done. After that I needed to step back and walk away. I think I sat on it and did absolutely nothing with it for about another six months while I recovered from what I’d written really. Even today, re-reading some of the words I wrote scares me about how dark it is.

Unfortunately I don’t have a writing schedule, although I wish I did, I just try and fit it in when I can around other things like life, but since writing is basically my stress relief, when I need to, I find the time 🙂

Q: Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I usually have a basic plot in my head, but when the characters start getting involved they take on a life of their own and I just hang on for the ride.

Q: What is your editing process?

The only way I can edit is to print it off and draw all over it. If I can’t I can’t see it. So I print a copy of and write in all the changes before re-typing them back in. After that it goes to a few trusted people for their feedback and opinions. Then more changes. Then the publishers.

Q: You have four books out now, correct? Tell us about your publishing journey.

My publishing journey has been a whirlwind. Nobody Knows is the third published book and the fourth is set with a June release date – six months ago I didn’t have a publishing contract! One wet Saturday afternoon I’d just finished reading a brilliant book by another author and I looked who her publisher was, she wrote similar stuff to me, I Googled her publisher, they were accepting submissions so before I had a chance to chicken out or change my mind, I hit submit. Now here I am.

I’ve learnt a lot and met a stack of wonderful helpful people along the way, and I’m still learning every day.

Q: Are there any marketing tips or wisdom you can give us?

Ask for help – there are people and groups out there who want to help you. In the beginning I was embarrassed to ask for help and I made quite a few mistakes and my book sales suffered as result. But the sooner you can understand and accept that the people in this community genuinely want to help you and want to see you succeed, the better you will be. Not only that, you will make some more amazing friends along the way, no matter where you live – I mean I’m in Australia and some of the best people I talk to on a regular basis are in the UK and US.

Q: What else are you working on? Should we expect any more of your books in the near future?

Book 3 in the “Swimming Upstream” series, “On Dry Land” will be released on June 14 2016 which is the final to that series and then I have just signed another contract for another series of 3 books.

The first of which “Coming Home” will probably be published late 2016 and focuses on a small country town an the relationships which inevitably grow when you’ve known someone all your life.

Thank you, Rebecca! Nobody Knows is available on Amazon!