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Hello, lovely people! The first installment of The Other Place Series, entitled The Hustle releases on 5/31/16, and I’m looking for folks that want to participate in my review tour. It’s a new adult contemporary novel, with lesbian romance, crime thriller, and magical realism elements. The tour signup is HERE. Thank you for your support!

Get a Free Advance Reader Copy of Love or Money!

Hello, wonderful lovelies! In case you hadn’t heard me talk about it yet, my first publication, an LGBT erotic thriller entitled Love or Money, is coming out on 1/12/16. My cover reveal is in just one week, on 12/15/15, and you’re going to love it!

All my wonderful friends and family, all you out there in Internet Land, have been incredibly awesome throughout this entire process. A lot of you have been along with me for the ride since the very beginning when, two-ish years ago, I suddenly felt compelled to write all these bizarre and silly stories. You stuck by me through the painful process of actually learning how to write, and how to pitch a novel, and deal with rejection.

Now, I’m finally beginning to see a potential payoff for all those hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work. Perhaps, within a few months, I’ll actually get a few real dollars for it. But, those of you that have dealt with trying to make any sort of living in the arts know that building a career in this field is a very slow process.

Those of you who have suffered through my rants and raves and insanity regarding the process of writing realize that writing is real work. I love this work more than any job I’ve ever done – I feel it’s what I am truly meant to do – but it’s also, in some ways, the hardest job I’ve ever done. Those of you who are really close to me know how I’ve truly flirted with insanity and ruin in order to bring my books into the world.

You know, I’m sure, to what cheap and sordid end I’m bringing this post, having guessed from the title. The fact is, I wish I could give each and every one of you a free copy of Love or Money. I’d like to give copies to my friends and family just to keep as a token of my affection and appreciation, though I know this particular book isn’t in line with some of your tastes. However, the truth of the publishing industry is that I don’t get a single free copy myself. Not one. And, the truth of the artistic business is, I’ve actually had to put money into building my career, in the form of a professional writers’ conference this coming spring, and a promotional company to help me market the book above and beyond what my publisher does (which is more than a lot of them do these days. I’m not complaining. I just decided I really want to put all my efforts into making this a career, and that involves throwing a few bucks into it on the front end).

These expenses, along with the dear dog’s surgical adventures and the fact that everyone in tarnation has a dang birthday right around Christmas, has left me unable to fling free copies of my book from the rooftops. I will, in fact, only be giving out a couple free copies: one to each of those named in the dedication (and these two ladies are going to be incredibly surprised). My husband and parents won’t even get one, since they aren’t going to read it, anyway 😀 .

The e-book will be cheap. I believe it will be initially offered at $3.99. The hard copy will be a bit more expensive. However, if you would like to read the book, and would like not only a free e-copy but an ADVANCE free e-copy, all you have to do is promise to do a review, and sign up on the link below. You do need to have a blog (you needn’t have a huge following), but those are easy and free to set up, and you should have one, anyway. Here is the link:

☆ Blog Tour – January 18 – February 5

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I will undoubtedly be giving away free/reduced price copies through promotional contests later on, so you can stay tuned for those, as well.

I am incredibly lucky to have all of you people as friends/family/supporters. I hope that my books end up entertaining you half as much as you all deserve for putting up with my bullshit. ❤