For those of you (hopefully everyone) who has heard of the Alton Sterling tragedy, as well as the way-too-many other similar incidents, please go to the #WordsForChange hashtag on Twitter. There are some great giveaways happening over there in exchange for donations to causes to help effect change with regard to police mishandling/lack of training/and outright violence against people in our society who have no voice. HERE IS MORE INFO.

This is a cause I feel deeply about, and it’s one of those things that, every time I hear about something like the Alton Sterling tragedy, it sends me into a spiral of panic and rage. I know that neurodiversity is a lot different than being a person of color, and I’m not trying to co-opt the conversation here, but I’ll just say I’ve had a loved one almost shot by police when unarmed, and the political distinction disappears when it’s someone you care about that is being oppressed and abused and having their life threatened by officers that lack the temperament or training to do their jobs correctly.

I’m giving away a FULL MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUE and a PAPERBACK COPY OF THE OTHER PLACE for a $30 donation to one of the causes listed here. All you have to do is provide proof of the donation and either retweet my tweet on the #WordsForChange hashtag, or comment here if you can’t find it. If I get any entries at all, eek, and if I get more than one, I’ll choose by rafflecopter.  Not only is it a great deal, it’s a great cause.


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