What I Want for My Birthday: An End to Needless Killings

Every day there are more people shot needlessly by police. Today, the big ones in the news are Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and tomorrow there will unfortunately will likely be others. This needs to stop, and we need to stop feeling powerless against a system that allows and even supports law enforcement officers in perpetrating these killings. I have friends who are in law enforcement or have loved ones who are. I know not all cops would do something like this, but ALL POLICE NEED TO RECOGNIZE THAT THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. IT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED. IT CAN BE SOLVED. AND IF IT ISN’T, YOU ARE UNDERMINING YOUR OWN INSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW IN GENERAL. When people start, quite rightly, viewing the police as the perpetrators of violence in their communities, it isn’t going to go well for anyone. The oppressed populations in these communities are trying, almost exclusively, to have their voices heard nonviolently. But at what point does it start feeling like an issue of self-defense?

My birthday is this Sunday. Whether you planned on buying me a present or not, I’d like you to consider making a donation to one of the causes named in this post, or other causes that support the promotion of the welfare of people of color, or neurodiverse people (NAMI, for instance), because those are two populations that suffer Disproportionate violence and persecution at the hands of law enforcement and others.

I am also giving away a full manuscript critique and paperback copy of The Other Place over on the #WordsForChange hashtag on Twitter, in exchange for a donation to one of the causes named in Laura Silverman’s post.

Additionally, I will donate 50% of my net proceeds from the sale of The Other Place for the month of July to one or more causes that promote the welfare of people of color or neurodiverse people. If I can afford more, I’ll give more. So, if you were curious about this book, now would be a good time to buy it; you’ll be getting a great book, and supporting a great cause.

I get July’s royalty statement in October, so which causes I support with the proceeds will probably depend on which seem to need money  most at the time, though you can also make your case to me for which one it should be.

Thank you for reading, and for supporting this cause. Now I’m going to get back to writing, so I’m not incapacitated by panic and anger.


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