Book Review: Harley by Michelle Jo Quinn

I was skeptical that I’d enjoy this book. I’m not a typical romance reader: I don’t mind romance as part of another story, but I like the meat of the plot to be about something else. Being a musician myself, I’m also generally turned off by stories about musicians, because I’m REALLY tired of the “bad boy rocker” trope. I’ve never met a real bad boy rocker in my entire life, and I was born and raised in the music scene.

Harley is more than a steamy romance. It’s a story about three people coming together to be a family.

Cade is a beautiful young woman who gets a job as a security guard, because she has reason to believe the owner of the security company might be her father. She is a strong woman who takes pride in what she does. She seems emotionally unavailable in an outward sense, but I loved the fact that she didn’t see herself that way. She was just a woman being herself, doing what she thought was right.

Jax is a bad boy rocker. He is a little bit arrogant and self-centered, sort of a peacock. But I liked him. He’s not a complex man, but he’s well-developed, and he is a completely believable and realistic character. He has a good heart, and doesn’t mind showing it.

Harley is an eight-year-old girl, Jax’s daughter by a piece-of-work woman. Other reviewers had a problem with the fact that she’s so smart and capable; they say she is not a believable eight-year-old. But I’m constantly surprised by the variety of people that exist in the real world, and I’ve met kids like Harley: intellectually sophisticated, but still emotionally immature. It’s a dangerous combination in real life, and the author has done a good job with her character in my opinion.

Michelle Jo Quinn is a great writer. She has a precise and elegant style. Her sex scenes are masterful, and she does an excellent job of making you swoon. Her characters are good, and I especially appreciated the fact that Jax’s band were a bunch of dorks, because my experience with musicians is that they are pretty much all complete dorks. Add all that to the fact that this book’s pacing was perfect – kept me reading even when I should have been doing something else – and you have a recipe for a great read. I highly recommend this one.

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