Feature Friday Signup for Love or Money

I know this blog is massively spammy lately. I really do want to write some interesting articles, but with the holidays, along with finishing the final proofread of Love or Money and starting edits on both the YA and the adult novels I just finished, I just haven’t been motivated to write a blog post.

What I should write about is the difficulty of marketing a novel, especially a debut novel, without being seen as being spammy. However, since I’m probably the worst marketer in the world, I’m not sure I’d have much input on the subject.

All that being said, I’m going to post a link here where you can sign up to participate in Love or Money’s “Feature Friday”, which will occur on January 15th, the Friday following its release. This is another chance to get a free e-copy, as long as you have a blog on which to post your review. Once again, I don’t care if you post a thousand words of gushing praise; a long, bitter rant about how the novel is another nail in society’s coffin; or just a one word review: “Meh.” Any publicity is good publicity for me at this point. I’m sort of loading this book into a cannon and firing it blindly into the dark, hoping it hits a few people. Any of you who wish to join my marketing militia, and be outfitted with your own literary bazooka, you have my undying gratitude, because this stuff is more crazy-making than you’d think.

HERE IS THE LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Vjl3yCjdMWMnJKlHFcOpigyZaq0zWgbagamR05-RfFs/viewform

And also, Happy Holidays!

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